The popularity of cloud-based storage systems and the advantages offered through their services and applications allow companies to see increased profits by allowing businesses to streamline operations resulting in higher productivity and lower costs. Put simply, here are 5 reasons to get yourself in.

1. Saving Money

Making the top of the list is what all businesses look to do, and that is to save money. For startups it can save thousands of pounds in capital investments. The cost of equipment, software and hardware, licensing fees as well as infrastructure setups can be a costly investment from the start. Technical issues are limited and ongoing maintenance costs are eliminated with cloud-based solutions. Data backup and information security are provided by moving to the cloud providing even more savings, freeing up capital to invest back into your business.

2. Team Collaboration

Moving to the cloud allows employees to collaborate collectively on team projects and receive immediate feedback from supervisors or peers. Online file sharing and open source software has allowed users with any office productivity suite to be part of team collaborations. These cloud based systems allows real-time visibility and instant feedback that results in higher productivity and ensures quality control.

3. Operational Security

The security of customer and employee files remains a priority for many businesses. Identity theft is a growing problem and with businesses requesting information that is considered sensitive and private, cloud based solutions offer online security and encryption software to protect sensitive data from breaches in network security.

These cloud-based solutions offer 256 bit SSL encryption of files which is similar to the security utilised by online banking. Documents are backed up to multiple locations, allowing files to be safe and regular data backups provide added extra security. Saving files in multiple locations allows for document rollbacks to track any changes or revisions made previously.

4. Convenience and Access

Cloud based solutions add convenience in that access is available from any computer, from any geographic location in the world. This convenience and access of online documents and files allows for instant collaboration and feedback and speeds up last minute details for approaching deadlines.

Convenience and access through the cloud can increase productivity, reduce expenses and can help in allowing for a healthier work life balance for employees.

5. Improved Efficiency

Companies that migrate to the cloud benefit from improved efficiency and no longer need to consider software updates, space limitations, power requirements or maintenance of networks and network infrastructure. This provides a significant saving and can prove to be very beneficial to start-up companies with limited investment funds.

The benefits of being in the cloud provide many advantages to businesses. It can increase productivity, reduces capital expenses, increases IT security and reduces risk that involves the loss of data or hardware failures.

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Adam Harling Adam Harling

05 March 2016

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