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The Latest Cyber Security Threats

Lily Howell Nov 4, 2019 12:00:00 AM
A man presenting to a crowded room

If you didn’t manage to make the event, here’s an overview for you!

Guests arrived at the beautiful Heywood House for 8am, where they grabbed some of the freshly prepared breakfast, it was wonderful to see clients and new faces engaging with one another.

The event

We kicked the morning off with a somewhat scary presentation from KnowBe4’s Chris Whitley titled the “Human Bubble” which focused around social engineering and just how easy it can be to deceive people by doing some light stalking.

WatchGuard’s Martin Lethbridge gave a talk on “The Threat Landscape” provided us with some pretty eye-opening statistics on cyber-attacks, 2019 top cyber threats and how to defend yourself against evolving threats.

Finally, RightCue’s Yogesh Agarwal spoke about “Using Cloud with Confidence” educating us on how to truly understand your cloud, establishing governance, identifying your data, understanding risks, implementing controls and protecting your identity.

The morning ended with a little bit of networking and lots of questions!

What did our guests think?

At the end of the briefing, we asked guests to fill out a small form to gather feedback on what we did well, and what we could do better next time!

Our wonderful guests were asked to rate the whole event out of 10 (1 being awful, 10 being excellent) we achieved an average score of 8.9/10!

When they were asked if they felt better equipped to deal with threats after the briefing, our most common answer was “somewhat confident” followed by “very confident”.

Would they recommend future events to friends or colleagues? 99.8% of guests said yes, and all guests were “likely” or “very likely” to attend future events!

Further feedback included comments like “a bit too technical” and “interesting and useful”.