As digital transformation continues to march on and technology becomes increasingly critical to your business’s success, finding the right solutions for your operations can quickly turn into a complex maze. Which solutions are suitable for your unique needs? Which ones will be outdated again before they start to pay off? What strategy is the right one for you?

In our complex digital world, more and more companies are looking for IT services that don’t simply manage and monitor their IT infrastructure but help them plan their strategies and act as virtual CIOs.

And that’s exactly what we do at Netitude. We’re all about relationships, and we’ve been successfully serving our clients for over two decades. Our partnerships are centred around getting to know you, your team, your goals and the systems you currently have in place.

Today’s blog is all about our secret sauce. Let’s dive in to help you understand our unique Netitude approach and what sets us apart from the crowd.




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Our Unique Approach to IT 

Our Netitude Framework 

Our unique Netitude framework centres on four core pillars: Support, Analysis, Advice and Improvement. This allows us to offer each business the right support and strategy and ensure we stay accountable and dedicated to improving our services. In order to provide comprehensive services, we’ve built our Netitude Loop, which is centred around those four pillars. Our Netitude loop refers to our engagement model that allows us to stay proactive, deliver high-level service and continue building forward-thinking strategies.

The Netitude Loop

Technical Alignment Team

We couldn’t offer outstanding IT services without our Technical Alignment Managers (TAM). Our TAM team are the ones responsible for quarterly audits and proactive alignment work so that we can continually improve our clients’ networks and infrastructure. Every client has a dedicated TAM so that we can build strong partnerships. Our alignment managers ensure your systems are audited, and your staff is trained in best practices.

Virtual IT Directors

Our TAMs work hand in hand with our Virtual IT Directors (vITDs), who are the equivalent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and strategic advisors. Together, they strive to understand our clients' goals and aspirations, and then craft an innovative IT strategy. Using the results from the audit, our vITDs develop a roadmap that aligns our clients' technology with their business need to ensure that our suggestions are effective, vITDs conduct quarterly business review meetings with clients to assess our progress and fine-tune the roadmap accordingly. As a result, our vITDs establish strong partnerships with our clients!

Prioritised Security

In the current cyber threat landscape, security is key. We offer industry-leading tools and technologies and ensure our service desk works to ISO and ITIL-aligned best practices. What other service providers would title “high security” is our standard offering at Netitude because, why shouldn’t it? Our operations centre comes with the following:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Alerting for Servers, Workstations & Network Devices.
  • Automation platform for “human-free” fix.
  • Microsoft, network device and 3rd party patch management.
  • Backup & business continuity systems management, monitoring and monthly trial restoration of data.
  • Anti-virus with EDR software included under the agreement.
  • Anti-spam and email continuity platforms included under the agreement.
  • Desktop and server scheduled optimisation and maintenance.
  • End-user Security Awareness Training, including simulated Phishing campaigns.

Co-Managed for Any and All Needs

We don’t do one size fits all. We know that every business is just as unique as the people working for it, so our services are entirely tailored to each specific client. That means apart from fully managed IT support; we also offer a comprehensive range of co-managed IT services. Our complete suite of managed, professional and cyber security services is designed to augment and assist internal IT teams as well as support businesses without the resources to employ an in-house IT team.

Monthly Rolling Agreements

We understand things change, and you won’t want to sign away the next 24 months. That’s why our pricing is simple, predictable, and based on monthly rolling agreements. That way, you’re not tied down, and we can hold ourselves accountable for offering the best possible service—every time. You’ll also only pay for what you actually need.

The Netitude Guarantees

We mean what we say, and that’s why we have guarantees in place. Not only do we guarantee a complete IT strategy and budget within 90 days, but we also ensure our clients will pass their Cyber Essentials audit the first time. On top of that, our guaranteed SLA (and industry-leading) response times are as follows:

Incident Priority  Respond Within  Plan Within  Resolve Within   
Critical  15 mins  30 mins  2 hours   
High  30 mins  3 hours  6 hours   
Medium  1 hour  6 hours  12 hrs / 1.5 days   
Low  1 hour  8 hours  24 hrs / 3 days   


Proven Process

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our unique process and Netitude loop are tried and tested, as evident in our 98.6% customer satisfaction score. Here’s what some of our customers say about us:

“Netitude looked after the handover from the outset, it was easy, and all our fears were eliminated very quickly. I could take a complete step back and let it all happen. There was complete transparency from the outset; Netitude ticked all the boxes for us.”

- Mark Dorrill, Director at Brook Foods Processing Equipment

“A long-standing partner, Netitude have consistently delivered a high standard of service in many capacities. Providing reliable and skilled outsourced resources, both remote and onsite, for our VIP users, freeing up our internal IT team and adding additional capability.”

- Ash Bailey, Group Infrastructure Architect at Fidelis Insurance Holdings Ltd.

“I only recommend people because they deliver, and I like Netitude. They're a good bunch of people. They're easy to work with. They're efficient. If you were to ask me if I feel confident for the future, specifically with regards to IT, yes, because I know I'm in good hands.”

- Quintyn Howard-Evans, Senior Managing Partner at Cooper & Tanner



Take Your IT to the Next Level with Netitude

At Netitude, our main priority is helping you achieve your goals. Our experienced specialists cover all aspects of IT and security, so we can deliver the highest-quality service and meet all your unique business needs.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service is reflected in being named one of the UK's top managed service providers. We’re proud to be recognised for our commitment, and we cannot wait to learn more about your business and discover how we can help you achieve your goals. Ready to get started?


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