At Netitude, feedback is more than a mere formality—it's the lifeblood of our commitment to continuous improvement and unparalleled service. Every interaction, service ticket, and project completion is an opportunity for our clients to voice their experiences, and we listen intently.

Through our meticulously crafted feedback system, we've not only streamlined the process but also redefined the very essence of what it means to engage with our clients. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of our feedback philosophy, where every response holds the power to shape our future endeavours and drive us toward excellence.




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The old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad feedback, and it’s something that we at Netitude try to live by.

As any of our clients will know, whenever we finish work (whether a service ticket or project) we send out a feedback request email with 4 response icons. Each icon means something to us and does not go unnoticed. We live and die by our feedback and monitor our responses closely.

Customer Thermometer Email

How do we measure feedback?

In April 2021, we changed our response options from Good, Neutral and Bad, to Excellent, Good, Just OK and Poor. Why did we do this? After listening clients feedback on the feedback system, we realised there was a gap, so we made some adjustments and introduced a fourth option - it’s important that our clients can be clear with us about their experience with our service. We love it when they leave us a comment in the feedback section, but understand that not everyone has the time to do this every time.



Excellent – This is a recent addition! We have gone above and beyond, and you couldn’t be happier with our service.





Good – We have met your expectations and have done a good job in the process.





Just OK – We have met your expectations, but there is room for improvement.





Poor – We have not met your expectations, and you are not happy with the outcome.



What do we do with the feedback?

In all cases, our team are made aware of the feedback left through our notification systems, and all feedback is discussed at a managerial level. In the case of Just OK or Poor feedback, we will get in touch with the client to discuss how we can use your feedback to improve our service and any actions that we are going to take to prevent similar issues going forward. When clients leave us Good feedback, this counts towards our overall customer satisfaction score. When you leave an Excellent feedback, we play the trumpets, and reward our team for being so awesome!

As a small token of gratitude, any client that leaves us feedback (good, bad or ugly) gets automatically entered into a monthly prize draw. Pulled at random, the winner can chose between a small selection of prizes - this is just a small thank you for taking the time to feedback on our service.


In the symphony of service excellence, feedback serves as both conductor and composer, guiding our actions and shaping our outcomes. At Netitude, we cherish every response—whether it's a resounding "Excellent," a satisfied "Good," a constructive "Just OK," or a challenging "Poor." Each feedback icon represents an opportunity for growth, a chance to recalibrate and refine our approach to better serve our valued clients.

As we navigate the landscape of client satisfaction, we remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. So, to our clients who take the time to share their thoughts, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and a promise—to listen, to learn, and to strive for excellence, always.


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