Feedback – What is it and how do we use it

The old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad feedback, and it’s something that we at Netitude try to live by.

As any of our clients will know, whenever we finish work (whether it is Tickets, Projects or Sales) we send out a little feedback email line consisting of 3 smiley faces.

Each means something to us and does not go unnoticed. Engineers and all Netitude staff are monitored and judged on this feedback as it’s the easiest way for Netitude to get instant feedback on the service we are offering.

What do they mean?

We want to keep it simple, so they are good, neutral and bad.

The Positive (good):

If you send a Good Smile back, you won’t hear from us, but this doesn’t mean that nothing happens. We love a bit of good feedback, especially if you provide feedback on why it was good, and anything our engineers did to make the service great.

Behind the scenes the staff are rewarded for good feedback via our CrewHu points system, Engineers can redeem them against big things like voucher or days off or smaller items like a spot of lunch. So they might ask, but you can always help out one of our staff by clicking the green face and buying someone a chocolate bar!

The Neutral (bad):

Neutral is not good, we take this very seriously and any Neutral will have our management team investigating the issue and why it wasn’t a good service. The satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing to us, so we will always do our best to find out just what has happened and how we can make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

The Negative (ugly):

We are aware that mistakes happen in any business, but we take any Negative feedback very seriously. All feedback reflects on staff and we will speak directly with the staff involved. Our management will also contact out to the clients directly to help resolve the issue and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We stand by our service and our feedback, so we want everyone to know. What’s more, once in a while we pick a random feedback from one of our clients and send them a gift to say thanks!

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