How to access free Microsoft training with Netitude

Daniel Strain 09-Jul-2019 00:00:00
two staff memebers working at a computer together

When you become a client of Netitude’s you will have access to our BUZZ customer portal to help fulfil all your Netitude IT needs. Installed on your PC, it’s a simple place to manage any support issues, chat with our team and see live updates on your open tickets.

Buzz will put you in control of your IT Service from Netitude – You can get real-time updates on tickets, manage your quotes and even take part in training within the Netitude Academy. Buzz is accessible across all platforms, so you can truly keep updates about your issues everywhere.

How to access Netitude's training portal

Inside Buzz is a dedicated training centre called Netitude Academy. Under this banner, you can get access to information on Netitude’s Services and about how we work. Additionally, you can use the Academy to access Premium Quality online training for Microsoft products. The Bigger Brains learning management system is designed to educate you with step by step videos which help you learn and understand more about Windows and other products such as the Office suite.

Simply select the title you are keen on learning more about and you’ll be taken to a list of lessons to complete at your leisure.

As you progress through the lessons your progress will be monitored. Each topic has several modules to complete, you can click “Course Map” to check out the module titles, “Progress” shows you how far through the topic you are, and “Lesson” informs you which module you are on. You also have the option to download course handouts and supporting material by clicking on the button between “Lesson” and “X”.


Each module video lasts for around 10 minutes and will take you through all the necessary steps you’ll need to complete the module. Once you’ve completed the topic and reached 100% on your “Progress” you should be armed will all the knowledge needed to be more efficient in that topic, allowing you to move on to the next.

What is the point of Bigger Brains?

Growth through technology is our mission and we believe that education is a key component in getting the most from IT systems, this is why we make these lesson topics available to our Netitude clients. With all our new found space after our move, we will be offering onsite training sessions under the “Netitude Academy” banner to further improve IT education in the workplace. The more understanding you and your staff have on these fundamental programs, the less time your company will spend winging it and you will achieve greater productivity throughout your business.