Goodbye Baywell House, Hello Commerce Park!

Daniel Strain 02-Apr-2019 00:00:00
Commerce Park

The papers have been signed, keys have been handed over – It’s official we’re on the move!

Growth through technology is our mission. This spirit of progress and positive transformation fuels our work motivates our team and inspires clients. We help businesses and organisations use technology effectively so that it adds real value to their bottom line and enables them to progress, but now it’s time for Netitude to spread our wings and move to a bigger and better space in order to continue our hard work – big things are coming.

But why now?

In 2018, we saw a 24% growth in revenue and almost doubled our Netitude family. We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, throughout 2019 we aim to continue this development as well as enhancing the services that are offered to our clients.

The move to our new premises offers twice as much space as our current offices, which gives us the flexibility to further expand our wonderful team, employing more staff to assist in the growth of the company as we continue to take on more clients every month.

What wonders does the move hold for our team?

We believe in having a great working environment for our staff, as part of the move we will be investing in interior design and break away spaces for the team to unwind, alongside a well-appointed meeting room and client drop in areas, we have big ideas for these spaces and can’t wait to see their development over the coming weeks!

Let’s not forget about our lovely #DogsOfNetitude, vITDog Morgan, Telebone Operator Maud and new boy on the block, Office Pupsisstant Plonky. A new building means lots of new space to explore, room to stretch their legs and plenty of rooms to keep each other pupdated and hold important meetings (naps).

Watch this space.

This year, we will be launching not one, but two new services! However, in the very short term, with our additional space, we will be offering free training and briefing sessions for our existing and potential clients. We believe that education is a key component in getting the most from IT systems, so we will be offering these sessions under the “Netitude Academy” banner to improve IT education in the workplace.

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