Why should your IT provider be a tech partner for platforms you use?

Daniel Strain 23-Apr-2021 16:29:30
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When it comes to choosing the right IT provider for your business there are many different qualities you should consider. But is it important for your IT support provider to be a technology partner for the platforms you use?

What makes a good IT solutions partner?

Before diving into the details, let’s first take a look at what makes a good IT partner.

  1. Expertise: A good partner will make sure you get the technology solution that works for your business strategy and implement it in a way that supports both your immediate and future goals. Your IT partner should also have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to not only implement and ensure a smooth transition to your new solution but to train your staff.
  2. Commitment: Software projects can suffer anticipated issues due to fast-moving technologies. The right partner won't try to hide these problems, they'll be open about them and act proactively - suggesting ways to overcome the obstacle.
  3. Communication: Open communication plays a vital role in any partnership. And this is something you should pay attention to from the very first interaction or discovery call. Think about the following questions: Do they communicate clearly? Do they ask questions to understand the specifics of your business and the challenges you are trying to solve? Or do they speak about money first? Do they listen and understand your priorities? And do they respond promptly when contacted?
  4. Transparency: Make sure the working process is well-defined, clear and allows you to track the progress throughout. A good company will provide you with a detailed working plan for your project and describe every stage of the development. They should also update you on all progress.

All in all, you want a proactive IT solutions partner that understands your business, has good communication skills, and is an expert in providing and implementing technology solutions.

What value does a Technology Partner add?

So, we know what makes a good IT solutions provider but what value does a technology partner bring to the table? Let’s first take a look at what a technology partnership is.

What are Technology Partnerships?

A Technology partner has extensive knowledge and experience implementing whatever technology they are a partner of. These partnerships exist to help organisations, like yours implement and optimise their technical systems. They typically take place between vendors, like Microsoft, who provide the product and companies, like Netitude, that use their systems in their daily operations.

Is a certificate proof of expertise?

In short, it depends on the nature of the partner program. Some partnership certificates can be achieved by simply signing up to a partner program or paying a fee, while others require proof of extensive knowledge and expertise on the software etc. So, just because a company has a certificate, doesn’t always make them an expert.

How can you find out what a certificate is worth?

The best way to find this out is to investigate the certification process for what you are interested in. For example, if you’re looking for a Microsoft partner, you’ll need to look at how their partner program works. To join Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), all you have to do is sign up – there’s no cost involved but you do have the option to work toward a competency. So, while any business can become an MPN, you would want to look for a partner with a Silver or Gold badge (go for Gold).

Should you pick an IT partner based on which platforms you use?

When it comes to selecting an IT solutions provider for your business, it’s important to pause and take stock of the vendor you’re considering. Ask yourself if this company really has the skills and qualifications necessary to help your business succeed?

Whether you’re shopping for a consumer product on your own time or evaluating a potential IT partner for your organisation, you depend on reviews, professional assessments, and certifications to help you make the right choice.

So, based on everything we’ve learnt; it makes sense to pick an IT solutions provider based on the platforms you use and who they are a tech partner of. If we go back to our earlier example of using or want to migrate to Microsoft 365, you would be best off using an IT solutions provider with a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner, like Netitude.

By using a technology partner for the platforms you use (or want to start using), you can be safe in knowing that your chosen IT solutions provider can give you the support your business needs to champion its technology and grow.

If you would like to know more about Netitude and how our technology partnerships could serve your business, please get in touch!

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