What is BYOD?

Daniel Strain 09-May-2019 00:00:00
A group of people gathered around a table using different devices.

What does BYOD stand for?

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device, which means employees are permitted to use their own mobiles, tablets and laptops for work. Sounds great, right? Well, in lots of ways it is.

The most obvious bonus is the dramatic reduction in capital expenditure not to mention the productivity pros. Workers are able to easily communicate with the rest of the team and get their work done without the bother of having to carry multiple devices wherever they go.

As many internal IT departments struggle to keep up with new tech updates, BYOD is a convenient way to keep people working without having to be tied to their desks. With a BYOD ethos, employees spend less time learning how to use a new device, as they are working on devices they are familiar with.

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The dark side of BYOD for businesses

If not handled correctly, there is also a massive risk that – if the worst happens – could easily cost you both lots of money and your reputation.

The second you start allowing people to use their own devices in the workplace you open your business up to risks, like:

  • Loss of control.
  • Loss of visibility of important data.
  • Possibility of deliberate data leakage.
  • Physical loss or theft of devices leading to costly data audits.
  • Compromised integrity.

So, what can you do to help protect your business from these risks?

For even more information on what you can do to help protect your business, download our free guide titled “Is BYOD putting your business at risk?

Our guide includes:

  • BYOD policy considerations.
  • Enrolment best-practices.
  • Problematic aspects of BYOD.
  • How you can help protect your business.
  • Facts and figures.

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