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What to expect at our open day

Lily Howell Jul 16, 2019 12:00:00 AM
Unit E5, Commerce Park

As you may have heard, we’re having an open day on the 24th of July, 4 pm – 7 pm!

This is a chance for us to show you our wonderful new building. Of course, we’re still settling in and there are many more changes to come – visuals on the walls, a new kitchen, improved breakout area for our amazing staff, the list goes on! But summer is finally here and we’d be silly not to take advantage of this wonderful weather! (let’s hope it stays).

Why should you come?

Aside from a tour of the office, this is a brilliant opportunity for clients to view behind the scene’s and put helpdesk names to faces. For our neighbours and our local community, it’s a chance to see who their new and existing park residents are, what we do and how we could help one another our in the future. On a more personal note, it’s a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to meet the amazing people we work with! After all, we do spend roughly 2,000 hours a year together.

Saving the best till last!

Drinks on arrival! Nothing beats that first sip of a cold glass of prosecco, right? Just wait until you see what else we have lined up for you…

We’ve taken this opportunity to once again team up with Palette & Pasture to provide our wonderful guests with delicious, free gelato!? And if we still haven’t sealed the deal, we also have Ethic Street Pizza joining us to make their incredible wood-fired pizza right before your very eyes!!? Certainly, sounds good to us, what about you?

Take this opportunity to network! Grab a glass, slice and/or scoop, we’d love to show you around our new place, answer any questions and share our plans for the future!