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Why Audits Are Essential for Business Growth

Lily Howell Jun 28, 2023 1:18:26 PM
IT audits

When was the last time you reviewed your IT? Technology (and the threats that come along with it) are evolving at rapid speeds, so it’s crucial that your IT is set up to boost your business processes and enhance your security in order to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated market.

Yet the idea of change can be challenging, and even more so is figuring out where to start. This is where audits come in! Conducting IT and cyber security audits is crucial to better understand your business’s starting point, so you can identify which solutions empower your operations, which stand in your way, and how to fill the potential gaps.

In today’s blog, we outline how audits help you gain an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure and security so that you can build an IT foundation for growth.

IT Audit

An IT audit can be a manual and time-consuming process if you don’t already have the right information to hand or need to invest in auditing software. The good news is that this challenge can be easily delegated! Most IT providers offer IT audits to companies to health check their IT and help them gain a holistic overview of how their existing systems and solutions align with industry best practices. Some IT providers even offer free IT audits, yet it’s worth distinguishing between what you will get for a free IT audit compared to a regular, full IT audit.

Free IT audits – as a rule of thumb, free IT audits generally only scrape the surface. In most cases, they are completely tool-based, meaning you will only get the feedback that’s provided by technology.

Regular IT audits – Paid IT audits will give you a more holistic, thorough overview of your IT. These audits require a mix of tools and expert attention to deep dive into your infrastructure and processes in order to provide you with a full report with recommendations.

Leaving the IT audit to the experts offers several benefits, including: 

Building a true picture of your IT position – Getting a professional IT audit doesn’t only offer you a professional overview of your IT infrastructure, but it also allows you to see where you stand compared to current industry standards.

Identifying weaknesses and risks – Are you keen to understand where your IT might fall short? An IT audit can help you identify weaknesses in your infrastructure and potential vulnerabilities in your security setup.

Solving performance problems – If you’re experiencing an unusual amount of downtime or IT support issues, a comprehensive IT audit will help you identify the root of the problem. That way, instead of only fixing things when they break, you will know what to change to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

Building a forward IT strategy – Based on your audit findings, you have the blueprint of what you need to build an effective IT strategy that will help you reach your growth goals.

Cyber Security Audit 

Did you know that 560,000 pieces of new malware are detected daily? While regular IT audits include a security aspect, in the current cyber threat landscape, it’s worth conducting a full health check of your security posture by running an independent security audit.

A cyber security audit will help you:

Mitigate the consequences of a breach – It’s no longer the question of if you’ll be targeted, but when. A cyber security audit can help identify vulnerabilities before they become a breach and lessen the impact should an attack occur.

Prevent potential fines – A security incident doesn’t just result in lost data and reputational damages; it can also lead to regulatory fines. A cyber security audit helps you adhere to the latest regulations and standards.

Improve client trust – Supply chain attacks, where cybercriminals also compromise the data of the targeted company’s partners, are becoming increasingly common. By running a security audit, you show your clients that you prioritise cyber security and value the safety of their data.

Adhere to industry requirements – Compliance is an increasingly hot topic, so it’s necessary that you comply with your industry’s unique requirements. An audit helps you ensure you’re compliant on all fronts.

Support insurance policies – If you have a cyber security insurance policy, a security audit will strengthen your position should a breach occur because you can showcase that you’re actively investing in your business’s cyber security.

Unlock Your Potential With An IT Audit

When you trust the experts to run IT and cyber security audits, you lay the foundation for your business’s future growth and success. At Netitude, we help you do just that. Our audits are designed to be comprehensive and non-intrusive, so no one needs to stop working or turn anything off.

Let us help you harness the opportunities technology offers and book your IT and/or cyber security audit today. Click below to learn more!