Why Does Your Business Need a Cyber Security Consultant?

David West 21-Dec-2022 15:49:44
Cybersecurity consultant talking to a client

With the cybersecurity landscape constantly evolving, your business must be properly equipped to keep up with its rapid developments. Cyber-attacks now occur once every 39 seconds, with one in ten small companies experiencing at least one attack yearly. Do you have the tools, solutions and strategies needed to avoid suffering the same fate? If not, we’re here to help.

While cyber security is a growing concern for SMBs, far too few are taking effective action to mitigate threats. In 2022, 73% of SMBs reported that they knew they needed to take cybersecurity action, but only 54% actually took tangible steps to identify potential cybersecurity risks. If you’re among those struggling to introduce comprehensive cybersecurity procedures, you’re placing your business at risk operationally, financially, reputationally, and even legally.

Creating a robust cyber security posture takes much more than simply downloading anti-virus software and installing firewalls. An effective defence won’t just appear overnight – it takes time, commitment and, most importantly, a carefully planned strategy. However, we understand that many SMBs may lack the knowledge, resources and confidence needed to implement this. In fact, 67% of SMBs have reported that they don’t have the in-house skills required to tackle data breaches. But never fear - cyber security consultants are here! Working closely with your business, cyber security consultants will evaluate your IT environment, identify vulnerabilities and help streamline your security strategy.

How Can a Cyber Security Consultant Help Your Business?

When you first partner with a cyber security consultant, they will conduct a thorough cyber security audit and risk assessment for your business. The audit is designed to pinpoint gaps in your IT infrastructure and reveal internal and external vulnerabilities. From there, your cyber security consultant will review your cyber security posture, ensure any existing safeguarding measures are up to scratch and implement new, robust protections.

An effective cyber security audit can help your business in impactful and long-lasting ways.

Minimise Risk

At Netitude, our specialist cyber security consultants use industry-leading tools and software to evaluate your current IT environment and existing practices. During your audit, we will analyse key areas of your infrastructure, including the setup of email and other collaboration tools, endpoint and server patching and account security. By carefully reviewing each key threat vector, we help to minimise the risk of a cyber-attack.

Avoid Financial Damage

83% of SMBs are not financially prepared to recover from a cyber-attack. This is hardly surprising as, in 2022, the average cost of a data breach reached £4.56 million in the UK– a significant 8.1% increase from the previous year. Our cyber security consultants are primed with innovative solutions to help you avoid these negative financial consequences. For instance, Netitude offer a fully managed and monitored breach detection process enabling you to respond to potential threats faster than ever before.

Ensure Compliance

Suffering a data breach not only results in the exposure of valuable assets and confidential information, but can also have severe regulatory consequences. If your business suffers a breach that results in exploited data, regulations such as GDPR can impose hefty fines. If you work in a highly regulated and data sensitive industry, such finance or law, there can be even more extreme legal repercussions. This can have unfortunate knock-on effects for your organisation’s hard-earned reputation. Our security audit will ensure that your organisation has taken the necessary steps to protect your sensitive data and migrate the consequences of a breach.

Minimise Vulnerabilities, Mitigate Risks – Take Our Cyber Security Audit Today!

At Netitude, our cyber security audit is designed around the controls outlined by the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme but, of course, we’ve added some additional controls based on our own experience too. That way, your business is extra protected!

Our cyber security consultants firmly believe in the power of education and so we adopt an education-first outlook in everything we do. As over 90% of breaches occur as a result of human error, we want to ensure that your team is equipped with the right knowledge to minimise vulnerabilities now and in the future.

To get started on your cyber security journey, get in touch with one of our expert representatives and book a cyber security audit today.

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