Experience the remarkable journey of Lilley's Cider as they braved the challenges of a global pandemic to elevate their operations to new heights. Partnering with Netitude, the family-run business embarked on a transformational voyage, transitioning to a sprawling new manufacturing hub in Somerset's picturesque countryside.




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Unlocking Technological Success with Netitude!

Faced with logistical hurdles and connectivity woes, Lilley's Cider turned to Netitude's expertise, ensuring minimal disruption to its manufacturing operations. From innovative 4G dongles to robust IT infrastructure setups, every step was meticulously crafted to guarantee resilience and productivity.

The result? A seamless transition to a site nearly 90% larger than their previous location, bolstered by enhanced IT systems and cybersecurity measures. Lilley's Cider emerged stronger, poised for unprecedented growth and success in delivering "More Choice - More Taste" to customers nationwide.

Now, it's your turn to unlock your business's full potential. Discover how Netitude can empower your growth journey and secure your future. Download the full case study PDF to explore the transformative potential of our solutions.

Introducing the KEY to IT Success:

The NET9 Framework

Our innovative business-centric solution provides full visibility of 9 key delivery areas:

  • Business Continuity Protection
  • Leveraging Cloud Platforms
  • Scalable Technology Estate
  • Licensing and Legal
  • Network infrastructure & Wireless
  • Connectivity & Ease of Collaboration
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Power, Environment and ESG
  • Standardisation, Efficient, Scalable Systems

Explore the transformative potential of our solutions by downloading the full case study PDF below.



Netitude's partnership with Lilley's Cider exemplifies the transformative power of technology when harnessed effectively. By overcoming challenges with precision-engineered solutions, Lilley's Cider not only weathered logistical storms but emerged stronger, ready to scale new heights.


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