Why use managed IT services? Five Key Reasons

Nearly every business is IT-reliant these days, and the proliferation of systems and software means just keeping on top of the updates can be a full-time task. Ensuring that components (actual and virtual) interact reliably makes the quality of your IT infrastructure management a critical risk factor for many businesses.

So, what should you do to minimize this risk?

Collaborating with a managed IT service provider will augment your existing IT team, supplementing their knowledge of your business with additional expertise and support.  A CompTIA survey in 2016 found that “six out of 10 customers describe their managed services as a collaborative arrangement with their internal IT department.” Very rarely will a company close an existing IT department in favour of a fully managed external IT department. This assurance, and the continued trust the IT staff have in their management plays a large part in the continued adoption of managed IT.

So, what does a fully managed IT service offer?

  1. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    Losing your IT systems for any length of time will compromise your business. A few years ago, a major building products distributor lost the database from which it invoiced its customers. The backup file was months out of date. Imagine not being able to send an invoice for five weeks. With a managed IT service in place backups happen, and recovery would be measured in minutes, not weeks.
  2. Cybersecurity
    With an increase in cyber-attacks of 20% year on year and the sophistication of those attacks increasing all the time, cybersecurity is a prime reason for IT systems being managed and monitored. Many industries, defence and aerospace amongst them now have specific cybersecurity compliance as part of the price of entry. Understanding and implementing those requirements is a key role for an IT service provider.
  3. The Latest Technology
    With IT moving inexorably to the cloud and data storage and processing requirements outstripping traditional hardware, a managed IT solution eliminates the need for costly capital outlay on servers and licences. The system can grow with your business meaning you can make plans knowing that the IT will grow with you at a predictable cost.
  4. Peace of Mind
    Keeping the updates up to date is key to the successful operation of any IT system. Having a schedule of planned maintenance and optimisation means that your key team members can rely on the system working, without waiting hours for a new update to install. The out of hours service provided by an IT management service will ensure that your system is guarded against any problems that may arise around the clock.
  5. Simplifying and Optimising
    Many larger IT systems have evolved over time meaning that they become overcomplicated and time-consuming to manage. Bringing in external support to audit the system with a view to troubleshooting the system and implementing a plan to simplify and improve it.

Very few businesses operate without a department watching over the finances of the business and these are often supplemented with external accountants and auditors. Similarly, a fully managed IT service will work with your existing IT resources to provide a pro-active approach to your IT infrastructure management and growth. If you would like to learn more about what Netitude can offer your business, get in touch.

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Adam Harling Adam Harling

09 July 2018

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