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Case Study: The Alan Nuttall Partnership - Enabling Digital Transformation

Daniel Strain Apr 16, 2024 12:24:20 PM
Case Study: The Alan Nuttall Partnership - Enabling Digital Transformation
This photo resembles the great retail spaces and hot holding services that The Alan Nuttall Partnership Provides.

Unlock Technological Success with Netitude!

The Alan Nuttall Partnership (TANP) is a remarkable employee-owned company with a rich history and commitment to excellence. The organisation comprises of two separate entities:

  • Flexeserve: A leader in hot-holding manufacturing and food-to-go solutions. 
  • Nuttall: A manufacturing specialist in shopfitting and interior fit-out. 

TANP leadership reached out to Netitude to level up their approach to IT. Their overall aim was to ensure that the technological side of their business was evolving alongside the ever-growing nature of their business model. 

Introducing the KEY to IT Success:

The NET9 Framework

Our innovative business-centric solution provides full visibility of 9 key delivery areas:

  • Business Continuity Protection
  • Leveraging Cloud Platforms
  • Scalable Technology Estate
  • Licensing and Legal
  • Network infrastructure & Wireless
  • Connectivity & Ease of Collaboration
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Power, Environment and ESG
  • Standardisation, Efficient, Scalable Systems

We responded to their needs by leveraging our bespoke NET9 Framework and drawing upon our team's extensive tech expertise to deliver a uniquely designed roadmap that will empower TANP to achieve its digital transformation objectives.

 What we did in a nutshell: 

  • Conducted an extensive audit, revealing outdated IT infrastructure as the root cause of many problems, such as system outages, increased costs, and reduced productivity. 
  • Created a tailor-made solution for the organisation, covering critical areas such as Backup and Data Recovery, Cyber Security, and Regulatory Compliance. 
  • Both companies existing within The Alan Nuttall Partnership (Nuttall & Flexeserve) have made significant progress in meeting security and compliance standards.

Are you looking to boost your business's growth and maximise organisational potential?

Discover how The Alan Nuttall Partnership achieved remarkable results through our collaborative efforts. Dive into our latest case study, where we unravel the secrets behind their successful digital transformation journey. Explore real-world insights and learn how TANP leveraged innovation to redefine its industry presence.